Bus trip to the Waves Festival

Active Knowledge – From festivals to international fairs /// WAVES Xtra

Panel discussion, info session, workshop, street performances, night bar and much more. Join the Development Platform for a whole day’s visit at the Waves Festival in Vordingborg.  The programme of the day will focus on activating and sharing knowledge about how to work strategically within the setting of a festival or fair, using it as a stepping stone for working internationally.

The day aims to enhance international competencies and is targeted at producers, managers, artists, self-producing artists and organizations.


08.50: Bus departure CPH Ingerslevsgade – Good Morning peers!

10.20: Arrival at Waves / Vordingborg – Welcoming by the Waves Festival

10.30 – 12.30: SESSION 1: Creative Values and Plans
How can you benefit from the creative value a festival setting offers you? And use this as a strategic perspective on planning and operations? We ask these questions from a producers / or self-producing artists point of view, and we invite visiting Festival directors and touring arts managers or producers to engage in an openhearted conversation on issues related to artistic formats, audiences, development and survival in the marketplace.

This session will be a reflection on approach, passion and policies and will leave you with insights on how you can develop and/or renew your practice. The conversation will explore the global and local context by welcoming different voices and experiences to the panel and session.

Víctor Gracia, Producer, Compañia Murmuyo, Spain, wwww.yosoymurmuyo.com

Lene Boel, Artistic Director and choreographer, Next Zone, Denmark, www.nextzonemoves.dk

Vadim Kasparov, Director, St.Petersburg Kannon Dance House and Open Look Int. Dance Festival, St.Petersburg, Russia, www.open-look.ru

Moderator & facilitator:
Lene Bang Henningsen, Lene Bang Org. Creative Producer and senior advisor, Denmark, www.lenebang.org. The Waves Festival.

Updates from the Marketplace
We continue the day by exploring specific international fairs and platforms. Destinations some of you know or festivals you are interested in knowing more about. We argue that relationship building, and distribution are part of the creative process, and we wish to explore how you continuously match the specific nature of your performing arts product with the best possible setting to further development, exchange and sales. The session will be a mix of focus presentation and conversational exchange to give input to your own practice and toolbox.

Karen Toftegaard, Wildtopia, Managing director and creative producer, Denmark, wildtopia.dk

Gitte Nielsen, Wildtopia, Managing director and creative producer, Denmark, www.wildtopia.dk

Naja Lee Jensen, Artistic Leader, HAUT, Denmark, www.hautscene.dk

Video interviews and highlights:
Hanna Gillgren and Heidi Rustgaard, Co artistic directors, Fest en Fest, UK,  www.h2dance.com
Gilles Doré, International Development Director, CINARS, Quebec, Canada, www.cinars.org

Moderator & facilitator:
Lene Bang Henningsen, Lene Bang Org. Creative Producer and senior advisor, Denmark, www.lenebang.org. The Waves Festival.

12.30 -13.30: Lunch (Lunch is included)

13.30 – 15.30: SESSION 2:
Principles and Practice
The nature of your product and the organizational objectives need careful consideration in the exchange – whether it’s a single appearance at a festival or a longterm partnership with a stakeholder. During this session you will work with questions and dilemmas stemming from the morning session and your challenges at hand.

15:40 -16.15: La Cuisiniére
/Tour En Vrac – free entrance

16.30 – 17.00: Hêtre/Libertivore – free entrance

17.05 – 17.35: Phasmes/Libertivore – free entrance

18.00 – 19.30: BODIES IN THE DARK / Yinyeob Lee
PLEASE NOTE! Tickets to this performance are NOT included.
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If the tickets are sold out please contact katrine(a)udviklingsplatformen.dk.

Registration is closed

19.45 – 20.45: Dinner (NOT included)

20.45: Waves Night Bar

22.00: Bus departure from Waves/Vordingborg

23.30: Arrival in CPH / DGI byen


Venue: STARS / Max. 35 participants. Duration: Day trip including bus to and from CPH, 3 sessions, lunch, outdoor shows. Price: Free / Dinner and ticket to evening show is covered by participant.

Credit: A CINARS follow-up-event by the Development Platform/Lene Bang Org. Produced in collaboration with The Waves Festival.

Aim: Enhancing international competencies for artists, producers, companies and support organizations.

Transport information:
The bus transport from Copenhagen departs from DGI byen, Ingerslevgade, just close to Copenhagen Central Station, and it also returns to the same place.
You can board the bus from 10 min. before departure.

Bus departure from CPH Ingerslevsgade/ DGI Byen at 8.50.
Bus arrival at CPH Ingerslevsgade/DGI Byen at 23.30

Price: 0,- DKK (includes bus to and from CPH, 2 sessions, lunch, outdoor shows).

Please note that you will be charged a NO SHOW FEE (250,- DDK) if you don’t show up to the event. You can cancel your registration up to 5 days before the event.

Waves Xtra is organized in a close cooperation between The Danish National School of Performing Arts Further education and The Development Platform for Performing Arts and Waves Festival.