A conversation about artistic development in the performing arts

If you are an individual artist or a non-building-based company, you need spaces to develop your work in. In Denmark it is a huge challenge to find time and space for artistic development.

To adopt new policies or structures, it is important to look for inspiration from successful models abroad and to develop models that will work in a Danish context.

The Development Platform (Udviklingsplatformen) will be focusing on just that over the coming years in collaboration with existing venues, organizations and public and private foundations.

As a kick-off The Development Platform has launched the programme ‘Tid I Rum’ (‘Time in Space’) offering facilities  time and space – at Kulturhus Indre By. This spring  seven companies have had the opportunity to develop their work and get critical feedback – three of those companies curated and facilitated by HAUT.

To wind up the first round of “Tid i Rum” and to find good ways to move forward, we are hosting this conversation on June 5th – Constitution Day in Denmark.  Together we can pin-point some key elements in facilitating artistic development in the future.

Guests are:


The conversation is hosted by Mikkel Harder, director of the Development Platform.

Also taking part are participants in the Tid i Rum programme in April and May. 

The conversation will be in English.



Over the past 50 years we have seen a huge growth in the number of independent, non-building-based, companies and projects, mainly in Europe and in large cities around the world. As a result, many venues rely on touring companies more than on in-house productions. Due partly to international funding there has also been a huge rise in international co-productions and touring. In smaller countries, specialized artists have often had to find likeminded partners abroad, to nurture their own artistic development and to find a market for their work.

However, the structures for working and developing in temporary international or national project-based clusters have in many cases not been adapted to the new reality of producing performing arts. National and local arts councils distribute grants upon applications. In some cities and nations, it is almost impossible to achieve long term funding for non-building-based companies or producing units. In others they have successfully implemented funding structures for co-creation and development.

In Denmark we have a national and local arts councils, and we have private foundations investing both in the making of and in buildings for the arts. As an EU member-state we can apply for international grants, often depending on a 50% guarantied national funding. Only a very limited number of independent performing arts companies obtain other than single project grants, and if they do it is often limited to one year or three-year grants.

Many venues across Denmark open their spaces for independent companies to develop and to perform their work, – but in Copenhagen it is often very hard to find appropriate space for artistic development or rehearsal time. If the possibility arises to offer a space more permanently then:

  • What is the ideal space?
  • Is it open for everyone?
  • Should it be curated?
  • Is critical feed-back important in the process?
  • Is it important to share work with peers or an audience during the process?
  • Should the space pay the artists working there?
  • Can they work without pay, – on their grants?
  • Will the artists pay to work in the space?
  • What can a space demand from their users?
  • How important is technical equipment in the artistic development?
  • Must there be technicians, or will the artists bring their own?
  • Can the rooms be of use, even if they are not huge black boxes?


Due to corona restrictions, there is an assembly ceiling of 50 people. Registration is therefore required. Please present corona pass when you show up. We reserve the right to reject participants at the door who cannot present corona passports.




Location:  Kulturhus Indre By – Charlotte Ammundsens Pl. 3, 1359 København


The event is a part of  CPH STAGE industry programme.


Picture: Artistic research of the dance performance SURVIVORS by Taneli Törma /Location X & STUDIO TOTAL. Photo: Jacob Stage