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Applaus is an audience development project that aims to make audience development an integrated part of the danish performance artwork, mission and strategy. 

Applaus’ mission is to help theatres and independent groups to strengthen their relationship with their audience and attract new audience groups – for the benefit of both the audience and the performing arts sector. 



Lene Struck-Madsen

Project manager


Emilie Clausen

Communication employee

Applaus is anchored at the Development Platform for Performing Arts and is funded with a three-year work grant from the department of culture. In 2018 The Development Platform for Performing Arts received a three-year grant of 8.5 m DKK from the department of culture to fund the national audience development project Applaus, which purpose is to help the Danish performance arts sector reach and engage a large and more diverse audience. Since 2018 Applaus has spearheaded a series of large research projects, seminars, workshops, and meetings that have helped the countries’ theatres and companies to work strategically with audience development. Applaus has become such a success that the combined field for performing arts has fought to allow Applaus to continue and expand to include live music.