Artistic Pairs

With the programme ‘Artistic Pairs’, the Development Platform for the Performing Arts facilitates a pairing between two artists working within the Danish performing arts scene.

On a theatre production, you often stand alone as a stage director, playwright, costume designer, sound designer, choreographer etc. with your professional practice and skills.
Through the programme, two peers can follow each other’s work in the theatre season 2022/23 on up to three productions. This enables them to get a qualified, equal sparring partner from their own professional field.

Open Call: Artistic Pairs 2022/23
Deadline June 17. APPLY HERE

Artistic Pairs within the theatre season 2021/22

The artists were selected and matched through an Open Call. The deadline was June 17, 2021.

My Grönholdt / MYKA & Nønne Mai Svalholm / SVALHOLM

Both My Grönholdt / MYKA and Nønne Mai Svalholm / SVALHOLM are choreographers and artistic directors of a dance company. Both work in a cross-aesthetic field.

Morten Mosgaard / Teater Jævn & Niels Bjerg / WE GO

Both Morten Mosgaard and Niels Bjerg are sound designers and composers who trained at The Rhythmic Music Conservatory. With a background in jazz, they have both switched to the theatre world – Niels with a focus on dance with the company WE GO, and Morten with a focus on theatre with Teater Jævn.

Lene Skytt Rasmussen & Line Paulsen

The two stage directors Lene Skytt Rasmussen and Line Paulsen followed each other’s productions in the 2021/22 season to be inspired by each other’s methods and processes, as well as sparring and getting feedback on artistic challenges.

Ellen Kilsgaard og Marie Keiser-Nielsen / Det Fynske Dansekompagni

Self-producing dancer and choreographer Ellen Kilsgaard and Marie Keiser-Nielsen, dramaturgical consultant, teacher and choreographer for Det Fynske Dansekompagni, followed each other’s productions in the 2021/22 season.

Kim Malmose / Odense Teater & Anton Bast / Teatret Svalegangen

Sound designer for Odense Teater Kim Malmose and sound designer for Teatret Svalegangen Anton Bast followed each other’s productions in the theatre season 2021/22.

Top photos: Survivors by Taneli Törmä – LOCATION X & Studio Total.