Our programs help individual performance artists, collectives and theatre companies to develop artistically and professionally.

It’s really thanks to the producer—or the self-producing artist—that a performing arts project is ever able to become a reality, via funding, budgeting, project management, administration, sales, touring and so on. That’s why our mentor program and the guidance we provide is especially focussed on the role of the producer and entrepreneurship within performing arts.

Many of our programs are based on peer-to-peer knowledge sharing, where you’re matched with a mentor, consultant or peer who is especially relevant for you, your work and your development potential.

‘TID I RUM’ is an artistic development program in which you can apply for a residency at a rehearsal space in Copenhagen. To apply, you should have a performing arts project or an idea for one, that you’d like to explore. The residency lasts for two weeks and includes a small financial stipend for a consultant, materials or transport. All our programs can be applied to via our Open Calls, and the selection process is conducted by The Development Platform for the Performing Arts (Udviklingsplatformen), together with relevant external consultants.