Advisory Program

We offer strategic guidance for self-producing artists, producers, and groups in the independent performing arts sector. The purpose of the advice is to qualify performing arts operators to fulfill their development potential or to tackle a major challenge.

Upcoming deadlines for applying for af guidance course:

November 10 2022. We will open for applications on our danish website in October 2022.

The focus of a guidance course

There are many possible areas of focus for guidance courses. For example:

  • Cross-sectorial collaborations: possible models, funding opportunities, identifying collaborators, and writing promotional material.
  • Co-production: possible models, identifying collaborators, writing contracts.
  • Internationalisation: Strategy for network building, identification of suitable agent, festivals, stages etc.
  • Financial sustainability: expanding funding opportunities, developing a business model centred on artistic activity.
  • Cooperation with municipalities/politicians: Strategy, approach, dos & don’ts.

Each guidance course is tailored to meet the needs of the individual operator. Based on the operator’s needs, we match him or her with an external consultant who has particularly relevant experience and expertise. We recruit our consultants from both the national and international performing arts industry, as well as from the business community and public sector. See examples of external consultants in this overview of current and former guidance courses. (Danish)

Start a guidance course

If you are interested in being considered for a guidance course, you must apply through an application form. We are open for applications twice a year.

Each guidance course is individually planned, but we work on the basis of three standard packages:

MINI: 2 meetings of 1½-2 hours with an external consultant.
It will usually tackle a specific task: for example, devising a co-production contract.
The course takes no more than a month.

MIDI: 3-4 meetings of 1½-2 hours with an external consultant.
It will usually tackle a defined challenge: for example, clarifying the potential for collaboration with the business community, the development of promotional material and identification of potential partners.
The course takes a maximum of 3 months.

MAXI: 4-6 meetings of 1½-2 hours with an external consultant.
It will usually tackle a major strategic challenge: for example, establishing a ‘lille storbyteater’, including cooperating with politicians and municipalities and anchoring in the local community.
The course takes a maximum of 12 months.

NB: Unfortunately we do not offer assistance with actual producer tasks such as budgeting and fund applications, but these issues may very well come up in discussions about the strategic considerations, which form the basis of an operator’s general fundraising.

Knowledge sharing and evaluation

In addition to facilitating the development of the individual operator, the guidance also aims to provide learning and knowledge for other operators in the performing arts sector who are facing similar challenges. Accordingly, the operator who receives the advice incurs certain obligations for the purposes of documentation and evaluation of the process and knowledge sharing with the rest of the industry: for example, through workshops or other formats, and digitally on our website.


Aline Storm (Head of Guidance and Producer) on aline(a)