What we can offer

The Development Platform offers strategic consulting for project-based performing arts participants, including individual artists, groups and companies. The consulting is initiated by the performing arts participant and is based on the Development Platform’s own expertise as well as the know-how of strategic partners, who are involved on an advisory basis. The consultant is recruited from the national or international performing arts sector based on a match between the challenges faced by the participant and the experience of the consultant.

The purpose of the consultancy is to allow the participant to meet their potential for development (i.e. working across sectors) or to face a new challenge (i.e. negotiate the sale of a performance to China). The Development Platform cannot help with the actual writing of funding applications (i.e. proofing project descriptions or budgets), but we are able to enter into a dialogue about the strategic thoughts that have gone into an application.

The content and scale of the consulting process is agreed upon on a case-by-case basis, based on the challenges of each individual. In other words, the consultancy of the Development Platform is a tailor-made service and the participants will find that it is a highly individualised process where no two cases are the same. It is our intention to accommodate each individual participant, while at the same time including the sector as a whole, thus working towards obtaining general knowledge for other participants with similar challenges, as well as a solution for the individual participant in each case. This knowledge will then be made available either digitally or through a teaching scenario, such as a workshop. The participant receiving the individual consultancy will be subject to a number of obligations in terms of documenting the process and sharing their knowledge with the sector as a whole.