Corona – support

The current crisis due to Corona virus has caused a string of new and big challenges to the performing arts in Denmark, not least to a lot of actors within the field of independent performing arts.

The Development Platform, Performing Arts Platform in Aarhus and the newly formed Task Force are working closely together to create the best possible starting point for the independent performance arts to overcome the challenges of the crisis.

We are currently doing as following:

  • We collaborate with our sister organization Performing Arts Platform and the association Task Force on at the highest level to make sure that the government’s packages of aid are being customized the economical conditions of our target group.
  • We are in dialogue with the central organizations of organizers to create understanding of the situation of the independent performing arts, thus providing a basis for reasonable agreements between artists/producers and organizers.
  • We collaborate with Performing Arts Platform on making legal advice accessible to the independent performing arts.

On our Danish website you can find a collection of Q&As we have done on legal issues as well as useful and relevant info and links regarding the independent performing arts and the current crisis.

Performing arts organizations in Task Force

Performing Arts Platform through Director Charlotte Mors, and Administrator and advisor Jens Christian Jensen,

The Development Platform of Performing Arts through Director Egil Bjørnsen and Producer Aline Storm,

Independent Choreographers, represented by artistic leader of Gazart Tali Rázga,

Independent Performing Artists, represented by actor and adviser Henriette Rosenbeck,

The Project Centre in Dansehallerne, Project manager Anne Mai Slot Vilmann, and Administrator Patrick Ian Renton,

The Industry Council of Stage Dance, represented by artistic leader of Don Gnu Jannik Elkær,

Producers of Performing Arts in Denmark:
– Lene Bang Henningsen, Lene Bang Org./co-founder of Performing Arts Producers in Denmark,
– Karen Toftegaard, WILDTOPIA/co-founder of Performing Arts Producers in Denmark,
– Sigrid Aakvik, Between Music/co-founder of Performing Arts Producers in Denmark,