We work targeted towards strengthening the internationalization of the danish independent field for performance arts. We do this in collaboration with other organizations within the performing arts sector. 

We achieve this by relayed knowledge and the exchange of experience surrounding international tours, market opportunities, strategies, and networks. 

We specifically do this through our mentorship and advisory seminars and our digital knowledge sharing tool: Upgrade Go International.

Our approach is often a lift of competence via a “get dressed progress”, where performance artist acquires knowledge and network to optimize their participation on international platforms. For example under CPH STAGE International Days, Ttanzmesse, Cinars or Ed Fringe Festival

Through our activities, we contribute to the exposure of danish performance groups and artists and artworks for international buyers and help to set the framework for this kind of meeting via network events. We primarily do this under CPH STAGE, but also for the “Det Frie Felts Festival”. 

In our event schedule, we regularly set a focus on internationalization through professional seminars and workshops. Check out our calendar here.

the development platform

International performance arts exchange between DK and UK with a focus on sustainability

In collaboration with Julie’s Bicycle, Arts Council England and the Development Platform for Performing Arts, the Danish Arts Foundation offers a development program that aims to help performing artists in England and Denmark to jointly develop sustainable and innovative approaches to international touring, collaboration and co-production. The purpose is to promote performing arts of high artistic quality in Denmark and abroad.

Travel and touring are a crucial part of the professional work of the performing arts, but as the climate crisis intensifies, so does the need for the sector to fully understand its climate footprint and seek new ways of sharing art that support the transition to a global low-emission paradigm.

The development program is based on Arts Council England and Julie’s Bicycle’s ‘Accelerator Program’; an education, management, exchange and mentoring program that helps cultural organizations promote their sustainable practices.

Read more about the program here +

– CPH STAGE International Days 2021

To strengthen the internationalization of the free and independent field for performance arts we have since 2017 collaborated with CPH STAGE around the CPH Stage International Days.

In 2021 we are collaborating with CPH STAGE around the project “DIGITAL PRESENCE”, which purpose is to strengthen danish performance artists in the paradigm-shift that is occurring right now with international work moving online and the leading festival and markets are being planned in a hybrid format. 

The project DIGITAL PRESENCE has its focus on the digital redistribution of performance arts. In collaboration with CPH STAGE, we prepare selected showcase participants to attend CPH STAGE in a digital or hybrid format. With two workshops in digital showcasing, we lift the creative competency level concerning how it’s possible to capsule the artistic essence of their art in digital presentations. 

In the same way, we prepare attendees that are chosen to pitch digitally on CPH STAGE International Days; Here both competencies and technical capabilities get a lift as CPH Stage to stand by on the production of attendee’s video-pitches. All of this is intending to create the best possible starting points for danish performance arts engagement with the international market. Notice that these two workshops are exclusive for the groups that are chosen to present showcases on CPH Stage International Days. They are closed events. Based on these two workshops we will design guides through Upgrade that will be widely available. 

The development of the digital distribution of performance arts is also an important part of a sustainability strategy – since the ability to shift between physical and online events without much effort could easily be a part of the international work format from now on.

Det Frie Felts Festival 2021

The development platform was a collaborator on Det Frie Felts Festival 2021 along with a series of other performing arts organizations. Moreover, we, in collaboration with the Det Frie Felts Festival and Performing Arts Platform arranged the webinar COVID-19-restrictions as an artistic opportunity on the 28th of January 2021, which was a part of the festivals online program.

28. JAN 2021 | KL. 15:00 – 18:00

Webinar – COVID-19-restrictions as an artistic opportunity. A hands-on introduction to live streaming a performance artwork – and inspiration to work creatively with COVID-19 restrictions.

The physical program of Det Frie Felts Festival is unfortunately canceled due to Corona. The online program will be held as scheduled. In this webinar, the sound and video designer Søren Knud and the actor Lasse Steen Jensen gave a hands-on introduction to the organizing and execution of live streaming. We studied how the COVID-19 restrictions could be used as a dramaturgical tool and artistic opportunity through the example of the Berlin-based artistic collective Gob Squad.


Delayed until March 2022
Issues and strategies for international development – A four-day intensive course in March 2022 on international strategies for the performing arts.

TASK FORCE for the free and independent performance arts 

TASK FORCE is currently focused on the free and independent performance artists and companies that tour internationally and receive most of their income from this work and has been struck especially hard by the second corona lockdown. Based on dialog and information gathering TASK FORCE has formulated a memo containing the challenges – both structural and economic that international touring performance artist are currently facing. The memo is relayed to the relevant authorities. Read more about TASK FORCE.

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