A new partnership between The Danish Art Foundation and The Royal Danish Theatre, which provides a scene for a series of free and independent theater companies and artists to perform on Lille Scene in The Royal Danish Playhouse in Copenhagen.  

20 weeks per year K:Selekt will show several performing arts production from the free and independent performing arts sector on the Royal Danish Playhouse, which have been selected and supported by the Danish Arts Foundation.

The Royal Danish Playhouse thus becomes an important venue for the new and experimenting performing arts in Denmark, which provides high-quality art in a new setting to a new audience. 

The Development Platform for Performing Arts acts as advisor and coordinator between the free theatre companies, the Royal Danish Theatre and the Danish Arts Foundation. 

You can read more about how you can become a part of K:Selekt on The Danish Arts Foundations website (in Danish) Deadline for applying was January 17. 2022.

If you as a performing arts performer have questions about K:Selekt please contact us via kselekt@udviklingsplatformen.dk

Upcomming performances

By Von Heiduck / Thomas Hejlesen
May 17. – 21. 2022

BLOOD – A performing arts hybrid based on Edith Södergran’s poems invites to a performance that makes use of traditional means such as acting and performance of poems, while the stage space is manipulated digitally and sonically.
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Photo: DRØMMEDØDEN ( THE DREAM DEATH) by NordicOpera. Photo: Jacob Stage

By NordicOpera
May 29. – June 5. 2022

DreamsDeath is a new grandiose opera about the storming lust for power and transgressive transformations in a complex struggle for influence and immortality. In the center is Queen Margrethe the First and the Nordic region’s largest project of all time, the Kalmar Union. Music by Josefine Opsahl and libretto by Merete Pryds Helle.

“DREAM DEATH is a reflection on our time where power, manipulation and politics govern our lives – now and then.” Stage Director Michaela Granit, SE
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Past performances in 2021 / 22

Graphics: Bo Mølgaard. Photo: Aka Hansen

by Teater FreezeProduction, Hanne Trap Friis
January 17. – 22. 2022

In this double program, theater freezeProductions introduces current and moving theater, which gives us insight into the relationship between Greenland and Denmark over time.
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CUL DE SAC by Rapid Eye. Photo: Søren Meisner

by Rapid Eye / Samuel Gustavsson
November 19. – 21. 2021

CUL DE SAC – A new circus performance that, in a self-adhesive universe, casts a glimpse of a world in a tight knot. In a showdown against lack of action and willingness to change, two jugglers throw themselves with an indomitable optimism into getting the world on the right track.
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Photo: Jens Peter Engedal

by Kassandra Production / Annika B. Lewis
November 1. – 7. 2021

‘THE SOUL CATCHER - unmasking the modern predator’ is a performance about psychological violence, manipulation and power served as a mixture of performance, dance, spoken word and newly composed electronic music. It merges into a genre hybrid of crime scene, performance theater and enlightenment campaign.
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Photo: Søren Meisner

by The Nordic Beasts, Noora Hannula
October 3. – 10. 2021

SWEET CONSTRUCTED INTIMACY EXPERIENCE is a performance that focuses on the audience live-recording heartbeat and lets dance, live music and an interactive lighting design merge.
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Photo: Søren Meisner

by Moribund / Sara Hamming
September 16. – 18. 2021

ENGLISH SPEAKERS is an audio performance about the English language that challenges the classical theater genre by letting nine speakers perform.
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Past performances in 2020

Photo credit: Kasper Nybo

LOVEU2ND by Gunilla Lind Danseteater
The Royal Danish Playhouse / Lille Scene
26.-28. November 2020

Move over, Kate Moss! So long, Gigi Hadid! There’s a new breed of supermodel dominating the fashion industry – but there’s a bit of a catch!

The headline from the Magazine ‘Glamour’ alerts of a new kind of entry in the fashion industry. An uncanny, 100% computer-animated being. LOVEU2ND is a sensory room for reflection of a highly topical subject – virtual identities subtle entry in our physical world. What happens when we mirror ourselves in computer-animated identities, that look like and mirror us?

In LOVEU2ND the Reumert award-winning choreographer, Gunilla Lind challenges the body’s shapeshifting from physical to digital form and back again. Gunilla Lind experiments with the dance genre as a cross-section between modern dance, physical theatre, and visual installation art.

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Photo credit: Christoffer Brekne

THIS IS NOT SWAN LAKE… by Granhøj Dans
The Royal Danish Playhouse / Lille Scene
13. – 22. November 2020

A beautiful and moving dance performance with excerpts from Tjajkovskijs famous music from Swan Lake – now with penguins instead of swans. 

There is far from the love romance depictured between Prince Siegfried and the swan princess Odette in Trajkovskij’s Swan Lake to the real-life proforma marriage between Tjajkovskij and his wife Antonina. She was fiercely in love with him. Tjajkovskij was not in love with her due to his sexuality – at that point in Russia you could not come out as a homosexual. 

Granhøj Dans is an internationally recognized theatre company based in Aarhus. The company is led by choreographer Palle Granhøj and has been awarded several national and international prices, here among four Talent-prizes for young people.  Read more and buy your ticket here (Danish)

Photo credit: Morten Arnfred

UMWELT by Julie Rasmussen
The Royal Danish Playhouse / Lille Scene
9.- 11. November 2020

UMWELT is a sensory, choreographic performance where you can zoom in, listen, and explore your own fantasy. In this intimate dance performance, you will be near the performers and be seduced by the absurd body. 

The absurd and moving body is the core of the Norwegian born dance artist Julie Rasmussen’s work, where she explores new realities through staging performances and artistic platforms. UMWELT is Julie Rasmussen’s very first all-night performance. 

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Photo credit: Emilia Therese

Vox Humana by Ylva Kihlberg
The Royal Danish Playhouse / Lille Scene
4.-11. October 2020

An artistic and transgressive new interpretation of Francis Poulenc’s opera, that adds a new depth to the story of a woman’s fight after a painful breakup with new music and modern dance.
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Photo credit: Camilla Fredin

Mørke og Natur by Naja Lee Jensen
The Royal Danish Playhouse / Lille Scene
23.-26 September 2020

The interdisciplinary and interactive performance, ‘ Mørke og Natur’ by Naja Lee Jensen, examines the relationship between darkness, nature, humans, and art. Read more here (Danish)

Photo credit: Peter Ravnsborg

The Royal Danish Playhouse / Lille Scene
15.-19. September 2020

The dance performance ‘PRIMUS’ by Svalholm Dance is a performance where light design, video installations, and performance melts together and looks at the term ‘creation’ under a magnifying glass. Read more here (Danish)