Pernille Møller Taasinge / Chair

BA (Rhetoric and Cultural Journalism) She has worked as a producer within the fields of communication, development and international performing arts since 1996 with a bias towards dance, music theatre and performance. Pernille has worked with ‘små storbyteatre’ (small-scale city theatres), regional theatres and independent groups, and has held various board positions in the performing arts community.

Marie Breyen / Deputy chairman

Marie has worked in TV for more than 27 years as a CFO, production manager, producer and, most recently, an events manager, and has been in charge of many of major TV events and programmes for the Danish TV channels, DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation) and TV2. In 2016 Marie started her own production company,, devoted to its own productions and consultancy advice.

Erik Pold

Erik Pold works as a director, choreographer, teacher and performer and in the field of artistic direction. He creates his own productions under the auspices of LIMINAL (, works on a freelance basis both in Denmark and abroad. He is on the management team of The Independent Performing Arts Festival, and between 2011 and 2014 he sat on the Performing Arts Committee of the Danish Arts Foundation.

Trine Bille

Trine Bille is Professor at Copenhagen Business School (CBS), Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy. She holds a PhD from the University of Copenhagen, Department of Economics. Her primary areas of research include cultural economics and cultural policy, and she is one of the leading researchers in her field. She is also a member of a large number of boards and committees, including the Norwegian Arts Council’s Research and Development Committee, and is the President Elect of ACEI, Association of Cultural Economics International.

Jens August Wille

Jens August Wille is the Artistic Director of Odense Theatre. He has also worked as a theatre director for a large number of other theatres, including: the Danish Royal Theatre, Aalborg Theatre, Mungo Park, Østre Gasværk, Folketeatret, Café Teatret and Radio Drama, DR.

Gitta Malling

Gitta Malling is Artistic Director of Limfjordsteatret and sits on many boards and committees. For example, she was Chair of Teatrenes Interesseorganisation, TIO (2011-2016) and since 2016 has been Chair of TIO’s Open School Committee. She is Vice Chairman of the Teatercentrum Board of Directors and a member of Det Københavnske Teatersamarbejde. She also directs many of Limfjordsteatret’s productions and is currently overseeing the construction of a new theatre building on the island of Mors.

Susanne Hammer-Jacobsen

Susanne Hammer-Jacobsen studied Law at the University of Copenhagen, graduating in 1996. For many years she has worked in the insurance industry in a wide range of various positions, concentrating in recent years on strategy development and implementation, business development, internal and external communication, organisation of workshops and major events etc.