Purpose and strategy

The purpose of the Development Platform for the Performing Arts is to develop and upskill the independent performing arts throughout Denmark. We define the free and independent performance arts as individuals and collectives who work professionally with performance arts and primarily for and with free performance groups, project supported theatres, and lesser established theatres. Often without permanent access to a stage or a venue.

We achieve this through our areas of action:

  1. Improving the conditions of production for the independent performing arts
  2. Strengthening entrepreneurship and internationalization in the independent performing arts
  3. Increasing cohesion and collaboration in the field of danish performing arts
  4. Increasing the recognition of the independent performing arts

We work to improve the production terms for the free and independent field of performance arts by offering access to time in space for artistic development, critical feedback on professional processes from industry peers, sparring from colleagues, and matchmaking of competencies and resources. We act as a mediator for “best practice” methods and develop tools for performance arts producers, – administrators, and self-producing artists that we pass on through industry seminars and our digital toolbox UPGRADE.

We facilitate knowledge sharing and collaborations across performance groups, theatres, institutions, and sectors both national and international. As a result of this, we host seminars, workshops, and networking events year-round across the country. Learn more about our activities here.

We offer individual career guidance and competencies lift through our mentor program and strategic sparring through our strategic guidance program. Through peer-to-peer sparring, we strengthen performance artists’ and producers’ professional competencies within the areas of internationalization, entrepreneurship, and organizational development.

Initiatives and activities are often presented in close collaboration with peers in the performance arts industry. See a list of our collaborators here.

The Development Platform for the Performing Arts was established in 2016 with support from Bikubenfonden and The Danish Arts Foundation. The Development Platform for the Performing Arts currently operates within the second grant period (2020-2024) with support from Bikubenfonden and the Danish Arts Foundation.

The Development Platform for the Performing Arts is a member of IETM.