Purpose and strategy

The purpose of the development platform is to develop and upskill independent performing arts throughout Denmark. Our definition of independent performing arts embraces performing arts groups, project-supported theatres and less-established theatres.

We believe that the best road to development consists of knowledge sharing and collaborating across performance arts groups, theatres, institutions and sectors, and across cities and national borders. So throughout the year we organise a broad range of seminars, workshops and network meetings throughout Denmark.
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Our mentoring programme provides career development, while our advisory service acts as a strategic sounding board.

It may very well be that the specific experience or knowledge you possess could be the key to other people’s success. We facilitate knowledge sharing via several different formats and platforms. This can consist of anything from peer-to-peer learning, experience exchange and digital toolboxes to an edifying conversation or a network meeting. In our view, our most important task is to translate experience into useful knowledge and to give a voice to silent knowledge. To open up networks and create new interconnections.

Best practice cases are often to be found at the international level. Accordingly, we invite international speakers and mentors to Denmark and belong to international networks.

You can meet us in our open workspace in Copenhagen. Drop in, have a cup of coffee and use our large lounge and meeting rooms. See who has an office in our office community.

If you have a good idea or would like to work with us, please feel free to write to us.

Read more about our objectives and action plan in the Development Platform Strategy 2016-20 and in our articles of association.