About us

Purpose and strategy

The Development Platform is an independent organisation initiated by the Danish Arts Foundation and the Bikuben Foundation with the purpose of furthering the development of independent performing arts, project-based theatres and less established theatres. The intention is for this to happen through dialogue and partnership with national and international stakeholders in order to contribute to a more dynamic, qualified and diverse performing arts environment in Denmark.

The purpose of the Development Platform will mainly be reached by facilitating peer-to-peer learning. There is a great amount of expertise to be found within project-based performing arts in Denmark, but it is too often isolated in specific areas or organisations or even amongst individuals. The activities of the Development Platform and the establishment of a physical hub for project-based performing arts will help gather the collective knowledge of the industry and bring it into play.


Through its activities, the Development Platform will contribute to:

  • Developing the producer level
  • Improving collaboration between independent performers / project-based theatres and established houses through touring activities, co-productions and residencies
  • Increasing international partnerships
  • Increasing opportunities for collaborations between independent performers / project-based theatres and other areas of society such as private businesses and public organisations
  • Improving alternative and commercial revenue streams and increasing cultural entrepreneurship
  • Increasing accessibility for audiences

Action plan

The goals of the Development Platform are reached through development activities and consultancy. The former are proactive goals, representing the agenda of the Development Platform and covering seminars, workshops, digital tools, think tanks and mentoring schemes. The latter are responsive goals, initiated by the performers and shaped as individual coaching sessions based on the needs of each participant.

The development and consultancy activities form a symbiotic relationship. The development activities support the consultancy through the increasing of skills. At the same time the experiences accumulated by both the Development Platform and the performers through consultancy will affect the choices made by the organisation when looking at development activities, as well as the quality of the input given by the consulted participants. In other words, the plan is built on two equally important pillars.


The Development Platform takes on an active leadership role in the cultural landscape, based on equal parts professional knowledge, expertise and responsiveness towards the performers and their needs. It is essential for the Development Platform that it is a place for development of ideas and establishment of new communities characterised by openness. The Development Platform is for the entire country, and it must be accessible, both physically and digitally, when its knowledge, expertise and network are needed. The Development Platform must have the courage to ask critical questions. It must encourage more public criticism of the performing arts field and its practises, both within the performing arts itself and in society in general. It is essential that the Development Platform is perceived to be relevant for the area and that it responds quickly to actual needs. At the same time, it must contribute to contemplation, reflection and a conversation that exceeds the immediate focus of the participants. As a new and unique structure within Danish and international performing arts, the establishment of the Development Platform takes place in a spirit of serendipity: we are interested in recognising the value of the things we find without having sought them out.