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The Development Platform has been granted a new period from 2020-2024 from the Projektstøtteudvalg for Scenekunst of The Danish Arts Foundation and The Bikuben Foundation. The grants are giving on the basis of a revised strategy, where The Development Platform has sharpened its focus areas to:

  1. Improving the conditions of production for the independent performing arts
  2. Strengthening the entrepreneurship and internationalization in the independent performing arts
  3. Increasing cohesion and collaboration in the field of danish performing arts
  4. Increasing the recognition of the independent performing arts

The Development Platform is supported by The Danish Arts Foundation, that has granted 3,2 mio. DKK to the next 2 years, and The Bikuben Foundation, that has granted 4 mio. for the same period of time. Conditioned by a mid-term evaluation in 2022 the same funds will be received additionally for the remaining 2 years of the strategy period.



As operator of an international sustainability project, a collaboration between The Danish Art Council, Arts Council England, Julies Bicycle and the Development Platform for Performing Arts, the Development Platform receives funding from the Arts Council England. Read more about the project here +