Interview med mentor og mentee: Eva Hartmann & Gritt Uldall-Jessen

I Udviklingsplatformens 1-årige mentorprogram får selvproducenter og/eller selvproducerende kunstnere mulighed for at få sat perspektiv på sin praksis og få faglig sparring, uanset hvor de er i sin karriere. I mentorprogrammet bliver de matchet med en kvalificeret mentor, som har værdifuld erfaring og indsigt relevant netop for dem.

Interview med mentee Gritt Uldall-Jessen, Nydanskeren Jimbuts Kulturforening, og mentor Eva Hartmann, GobSquad.

October 2018, Copenhagen


What is your motivation for participating in the mentor program?
Mentee – Gritt Uldall-Jessen: In the role of being an artistic director, I wanted to find a way of producing in a more sustainable way. To have a sustainable work life and make a more sustainable living. I also wanted to professionalize our company Nydanskeren Jimbuts Kulturforening.

I´ve also asked Eva more coach-like questions. For example how to have an equal dialogue with an institutional theater as a free group. How to have a good dialogue and be equal partners in this type of collaboration.

Will you recommend the mentor program for others (if yes then why?)?

Mentee – Gritt Uldall-Jessen: Yes absolutely! I will highly recommend the program to others. I see it as a great privilege and I gained many concrete learnings from it. I am going to see if I can implement some of the advices Eva gave for next year’s productions. I already have plans for what to do next year strategically.


What do you gain from mentoring?

Mentor Eva Hartmann/GobSquad: First of all I gained an awareness of my own experience and past. Of the things, I did and the way I produce – and why I ended up in the performing arts scene. It is like an affirmation. It is also about questioning your own practice and the way you do things.

We are also empowering each other. I find it interesting how knowledge can be acquired in a nonhierarchical way. Learning in a community improving working and life conditions for producers and artists.


What defines a good mentor/mentee relationship?

Mentor – Eva Hartmann/GobSquad: First of all I would say trust and chemistry. Of course you can’t predict this! A lot of openness from both sides and no fixed images or expectations. The ability to understand the other before you make yourself understood.


Have you, at this point in the program found any unexpected learnings?

Mentor – Eva Hartmann: For me it was the variety of forms and works of performing art. This richness! And gaining knowledge from other arears.

Also becoming aware of my own work life – do I also have people around me with whom I use as a mentor? I would also like to have a mentor myself. If not, I have found one in Gritt at some point.

Mentee – Gritt Ulldal-Jessen: First I did not identify myself as a producer because I am wearing several hats in my work life. I have also been reflecting on the art of mentoring. As a dramaturg I have for the last two years been helping upcoming performance art companies at the independent festival Vildskud. I used the learnings from this program in my own mentoring of Vildskud. To have a dialogue based approach – where we figure out things together. That was unexpected! Also becoming more aware of the position and role of the producer – the omnipotence of the position of the producer.