Mentor/Mentees 2018-19

Mentor: Eva Hartmann/GobSquad

Eva is a trained relational dynamics coach and has been working as a freelance dramatic adviser and manager/producer in Berlin. Some of her selected work includes: International Theatre Academy Ruhr, Bochum, 1999; performance festival reich & berühmt, Podewil Berlin.

She has been collaborating with several artists, and has since 2002 been international general manager, producer and dramatic adviser for the German/English Arts Collective Gob Squad. She was member of the board of directors LAFT Berlin in 2009/2010, and have done lectures, workshop and jury activities for universities and cultural organizations. She is increasingly interested in the way we live, work and communicate with ourselves and each other and seeks to find the most appropriate way to do so.

Mentee: Gritt Uldall-Jessen/Nydanskeren Jimbuts Kulturforening

Gritt Uldall-Jessen is educated as a playwright at The National School of Playwriting in Aarhus at Aarhus Theatre and she holds a MA in Nordic Philology from Copenhagen University. She is working as an independent playwright, dramaturg, festivalcurator/festival organizer and producer based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

She is a member of the artistic board in Nydanskeren Jimbuts Kulturforening/The Culture Association of New Dane Jimbut where she functions as a playwright, fundraiser, dramaturg and producer. She is part of the organizing, managing and fundraising team behind The Independent Performing Arts Festival/Selected Works that she is also one of the co-founders of. She is part of the curatorial, organizing and fundraising team behind the International Performance Art Festival(IPAF) at the Multimedia and Live Art venue Warehouse 9 in Copenhagen. She also does her own independent projects as a playwright

Mentor: Gianni Bettucci/FamilienFlöz

Gianni works as manager for Familie Flöz and founded Flöz Summer Academy. Besides that he is artistic production director for Teatro Delusio, Infinita, Hotel Paradiso, Garage D’Or, Haydi!, Dr Nest. He was born in Florence, where he studied literature and history. There he founded the theatre group Nostalghia, which produced children’s theatre plays from 1992 to 1998.

In the year 1999, he organised the first conference on the work of the author Pier Vittorio Tondelli (Un weekend postmoderno) at the Teatro di Rifredi in Florence. Subsequently, he worked as company manager for various theatre groups in New York and London. For Familie Flöz, his role is not just manager, but also Artistic Production Director. In addition, he was director and actor in Navigazioni, a coproduction of Teatro della Tosse, Familie Flöz, Materiali Resistenti and Camut Band. He initiated the Flöz Summer Academy in 2006, regularly participating as an actor himself.

Mentee: Sarah S. Rommedahl/Freelance&Teater Bæst

Sarah holds a MA in Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship, Goldsmiths, University of London (2016-17) and a BA in Theatre and Performance Studies from University of Copenhagen and Free University Berlin (2010-13).

She is currently event Manager at CPH Stage, with the responsibility for the practical realising of the festival opening, industry events, parties, the festival centrum and the accessibility initiatives. Sarah is furthermore producer at Teater Bæst, primarily focusing on the possibilities for international co-productions and -touring, but also planning, developing and realising projects nationally. Besides that she is working freelance, producing a cabaret about women in war – plus a number of other fantastic projects.

Mentor: Henk Keizer/Curator&Project Manager

Henk Keizer is a freelance program maker and project developer, interested in the role and function of the arts and culture in processes of social, cultural and ecological change. He is coordinator of Rural Forums in Europe, a growing network of artists who’s work is connected with the transitions that take place in European rural and urban areas.
He was managing director of the Oerol Festival, theatre company Dogtroep, the Treaty of Utrecht-cultural program and is the director/quartermaster of Leeuwarden/Friesland2018 (European capital of culture).

Recently he has been working as an independent consultant and developer of programs and project for amongst others the Ministry of Agriculture, theatre company Peergroup (Netherlands), Grasslands/Aarhus 2017 and Teaterøen Copenhagen (Denmark), Elefsina 2021 (Greece), Archa Theater Prague and Rural Forum Network Denmark.

Foto Mette Nielsen

Mentee: Laila Skovmand/Between Music

Laila is a singer, composer and the Artistic Director of Between Music. As the artistic director of the music performance company Between Music Laila creates innovative performance concerts in a hybrid of music, live performance, visual arts and technology. The group masters a huge range of aesthetics, skills and genres, but finds the most potential in the fluctuating spaces between them.

Laila Skovmand graduated as a singer from the Royal Academy of Music Aarhus  and Centre Artistique International Roy Hart in France. She graduated at the Advanced Postgraduate Soloist Diploma program as a performative composer at the Royal Academy of Music Aarhus in 2015. Over the years Laila Skovmand has received numerous grants and funding by the Danish Art Council, Aarhus Municipality Arts Council, DJBFA among others. She was awarded with the Bisballe Award 2014, given to artists with strong innovative expression.

Mentor: Lotte Kofod Ludvigsen/Teatret Svalegangen

Lotte works as creative producer at the theatre Teatret Svalegangen in Aarhus. She is responsible for creating new strategic projects, cross-sectorial partnerships and artistic residencies. Lotte is specialised in producing big scale events that meet the needs of both artists and audience. Two major projects during her career as producer were the Colina Laboratory with artistic director Rui Horta in 2006 and the Spring Forward festival with artistic director John Ashford (Aerowaves) in 2017.

She holds a MA in dramaturgy and journalism from Aarhus University combined with executive certificates in project management and process facilitation. Lotte’s career has given her 10+ years of experience in the field of performing arts in different positions as theatre critic, project manager, development consultant and producer, as well as as in creative production as a writer.

Mentee: Mathilde Johnsen/Sydhavn Teater

Mathilde works as a producer for the site-specific and internationally oriented Sydhavn Theatre in Copenhagen. Alongside, she studies a masters in Management of Creative Business Processes at Copenhagen Business School. She returned to Denmark three years ago after obtaining a bachelors degree and working with theatre in Scotland.

Mathilde worked at various theatres in Copenhagen and Odense Teater, before becoming part of Sydhavn Teaterin the beginning of 2017. Alongside the practical work of keeping a theatre running, Mathilde is particularly interested in how to best create a flexible, open and innovative organization to support unpredictable and explorative artistic production processes at Sydhavn Teater.

Mentor: Louise Richards/Motionhouse

Louise is the driving force behind Motionhouse. Louise has inititated the expansion of Motionhouse repertoire to include outdoor work, and produced many acclaimed large-scale productions that made Motionhouse a respected company in the art scene of UK. She continously develop partnerhips for Motionhouse, and function as producer of the company’s extensive programme.

Mentee: Betina Rex/Rapid Eye

Betina Rex holds a MA in dramaturgy from University of Aarhus. She works as a dramaturg, producer and with PR and Communications within the performing arts scene in Denmark with a focus on dance, physical theatre and New Circus. Along with this she also engages in writing on dance and choreograph in magazines like Terpsichore, on dansOnline and the journal Peripeti.

Mentor: Thorkild Andreasen/Carte Blance

Thorkild Andreasen is managing director at Carte Blanche, a regional theatre in Viborg, and has worked with the theatre since 2006. Carte Blanche has toured 26 countries and works in the cross aesthetic field of performance, sensorial theatre and installation works.

Thorkild Andreasen holds a MA in Aesthetics & Culture and and a bachelor in Dramaturgy from Aarhus University. He has earlier worked as production and touring manager for Den Jyske Opera (Danish National Opera) and worked on projects for Dansk Rock Samråd ROSA.Thorkild Andreasen is board member of TIO (Teatrenes Interesseorganisation) and Aarhus Kunstråd.

Mentee: Jonas Schou Hansen/Glimt

Jonas is a creative producer working predominantly in the cross section of physical theatre, contemporary dance and contemporary circus. He works part time with GLiMT, a Danish contemporary circus company, and work freelance alongside that as a creative producer in the independent performing arts scene.

Jonas graduated from the Central School of Speech and Drama in 2012, where he completed a BA in Performance Art. Jonas’ practice is rooted in seeking continued learning, with a strong focus on project and self evaluation as a tool for self improvement.

Mentor: Elisabeth Casanova/Nova Touring

Elisabet Casanova began her career as a classical/contemporary dancer in Australia. She graduated from the University of Western Sydney with a B.A in Dance in 1991, where she then worked with a number of Australian contemporary dance companies as well as a tour across North America with Canadian singer Sarah McLachlan. During this period Eli also worked as the assistant to the Artistic Director Wayne Harrison and General Manager Robert Love, at Sydney Theatre Company until 1996.

Mentee: Karen Toftegaard/Karen Toftegaard ApS

Karen Toftegaard is a serial entrepreneur in culture. She has seven years of heavy experience from the start up phases of subsidized theatre institutions like Camp X and Republique. She has been a key contributor in the start up of festivals like Vildskud, Metropolis, The Independent Performing Arts Festival and the award winning outdoor gallery Airplay Street Gallery.

Now she is engaged as Managing Director of the PR-company Karen Toftegaard ApS and as International Project Manager at the Danish festival CPH STAGE. Furthermore she is investing in developing a new creative producing company Nordic Wildtopia, focusing on international promotion and touring of Nordic visual and physical performing arts.

Mentor: Susanne Danig/Danig Performing Arts Service

Susanne is a performing arts producer, management Consultant and international innovator. She is owner of Danig Performing Arts Service. Previously she has been director of the Danish ITI Center and manager for several Danish theatres, as well as producer for the two Danish festivals: Asteroid Festival and Waves Festival.

Latest she has been responsible for hosting the Nordic Performing Arts Days. Susanne has international expertise in creating festivals and in developing arts institutions, and has also been a consultant at the Danish Arts Foundation.

She has been president of the International Festival Forum/ITI and member of IETM for many years.
Susanne has a degree in Comparative Litterature and Modern Culture Studies from University of Copenhagen. She has studied at Shippenburgs University in USA and at Sorbonne in France, and holds a diploma in Leadership as well as being certified Passion test Facilitator and Flow Consultant in the Wealth Dynamic system.

Mentee: Andreas Dawe /AKUT 360

Andreas is an educated actor from The Danish National Theatre School. He has worked as an actor for a large number of different theatres in Copenhagen and around Denmark. He has performed in a variety of performances has appeared on TV-shows.

In 2010 Andreas had his debut as a playwright with the play “Tårnspringeren”, and in 2015 he had his debut as a stage-director with the play “Aben”. In the year of 2017 he created his own small theatre-company, AKUT360 and had his debut as a producer with the play “Lampedusa” which he also directed. Andreas and AKUT360 have a number of other projects in the making. Next year AKUT360 will co-produce, write and direct a play at Husets Teater in Copenhagen.

Mentor: Helle Haagen/Contact

Helle currently works as daily leader at the C:NTACT foundation, and has over the years been involved with administration and project management in several Theathres and schools throughout the years. She has amongst other  exciting things worked as Stage Manager at the Danish Royal Theatre and producer at Mammutteatret in Copenhagen.

Helle is educated within Stage Management and leadership in the art and culture industry.

Mentee: Marion Vick/Teateriet Apropos

Marion holds a MA in Dramaturgy from Aarhus University, and has been part of the theatre industry since then. Over a number of years she has functioned as theatre leader at Teateriet Apropos.

Next to that she has been working with PR and different projects at the little theathre Carte Blanche. She has furthermore been leading productions and teaching.

Mentor: H.C. Gimbel/ Aalborg Theatre

Hans Christian Gimbel is Finance and Administration Manager – at Aalborg Theatre. Former initiator, co-creator and director of the theatre Republique in Copenhagen.

Hans Christian Gimbel, has more than 25 years of experience in the Danish and international cultural sector. Originally he was based in marketing and communication but since the late 90th he has developed his skills through curating, producing, branding and developing both performing arts within the frame of festivals and institutions. Furthermore he has taken part in advisory boards, made lectures and inspirational talks. Beside the experience he holds a master degree in communication (Cand.Comm.) and management development (MMD).

Mentee: Poul Udbye Pock-Steen/ViaArtisKonsort

Poul is a musician, organist and composer. He has a special interest in early organ music from medievel times to the barock period.

He has been involved in early music performances for several years, mainly as an interpreter but also as a researcher.
Poul has offered more than hundreds of organ recitals in Denmark and abroad. He plays keyboard, percussion and flutes, and he is currently engaged in solo concerts and the early music ensemble Via Artis Konsort.