Mentor-mentee par i 2019/20

Udviklingsplatformen har udvalgt de ti nye mentees og matchet dem med anerkendte fagfolk fra både ind- og udland. Mentorprogrammet, der løber fra maj 2019 – maj 2020, skal opkvalificere producenter og selvproducerende scenekunstnere særligt inden for det frie felt og være med til at løfte vidensniveauet i branchen.

Mentor: Mikkel Harder Munck-Hansen

Former Director at Nordic House, Reykjavik and former Artistic Director at The Royal Danish Theatre

Mikkel Harder Munck-Hansen is trained as an actor in France and the UK and has acted in 15 different productions in Denmark, UK, Germany & Ireland. Mikkel has directed 28 productions (3 Reumert nominations) including Radio Drama and for The Royal Theatre. Mikkel was co-founder and director of Kaleidoskop from 1994 – 2000. Head of Radio Drama 2000 – 2003, Artistic Director for Drama at The Royal Theatre 2004 – 2008.

Chairman of The arts council for performing arts 2007 – 2011. Head of Copenhagen Film Festivals 2008 – 2010, director of Images Festival 2011-2013, CEO Nordic House, Iceland 2015 – 2018. Part of or chairman in different foundations and boards, advisory boards and committees.

Mentee: Astrid Hansen Holm

Creative Producer and Dramaturg, Vontrapp

Astrid Hansen Holm is a trained dramaturg from Vienna and Aarhus Universities. She is a founding member of the developmental venue HAUT and from 2016-2018, Astrid was the manager at HAUT.
Astrid now works as a creative producer and dramaturg at Vontrapp. Vontrapp is an interdisciplinary artist collective which works site-specifically and with the audience’s movement as central for their spatial and aural staging.

Besides this, Astrid is employed as a dramaturg at the Nordic production platform, Convei Exceptionelle, and works as a freelance dramaturg and curator within performance, dance and theater.

Mentor: Ragnheiður Skúladóttir

Artistic Director, Festspillene i Nord-Norge

Ragnheiður Skúladóttir was born and raised in Reykjavík.  She finished her BA in theatre and multimedia at the University of Iowa in 1991 and her MFA at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis in 1996. Following her studies she moved to New York City where she  lived and worked for four years. In 2000, following a 13 year stint in the U.S, she moved back to Reykjavík  after being offered the position of  Dean of Department of Theatre and Dance at then newly founded Iceland Academy of the Arts. Ragnheiður worked at the Academy until 2011, initiating new programs in contemporary performance practices and contemporary dance. In 2008 she co-founded the LÓKAL International Theatre Festival, an annual event that presents new local and international work in the field of theatre and performance. She was artistic director of the Akureyri City Theatre from 2012 to 2015 and manager of Iceland Dance Company 2016-2019. In August 2019 she will take on the artistic directions of Festspillene i Nord-Norge, Norway´s second biggest arts festival.

Ragnheiður has years of experience as teacher and mentor (at IAA, University of Syracuse, Academy for Scenekunst in Fredrikstad, MAKE Ireland). She has also worked with various artists/groups as a producer and served as a critical friend (Kviss búmm bang, Dance for Me, Room 408, Shalala, Margrét Sara Guðjónsdóttir)

Mentee: Helene Kvint

Independent Performance Artist, CoreAct

Helene Kvint is a self-producing performing artist, educated from Cantabile 2 in 1996 and from the Russian group Derevo in 1998.

In 1999 she created and produced her first own production which played at Kanonhallen, Entre-scenen and later on toured Germany and the Czech Republic. In 2000 Helene was invited to cooperate with the Czech theater group Stage code, and then moved to Prague, where she stayed for 5 years.

In Prague, Helene formed the female theater cabinet, The Secondhand Women, which has existed since 2003. In 2005 she moved to Copenhagen and started the group CoreAct, which she leads together with Anika Barkan. Parallel with this, Helene creates her own visual productions and collaborations.

Helene works in a cross-field between performance art, text theater and installation. Her productions have a semi-biographical impetus and circle around our ability, as an individual and as a society – to understand and deal with life’s challenges and sword battles – from dementia, brain damage and grief to lust, powerlessness and community. Throughout her work, specific audiences are involved in the preparations, such as brain damaged people, retirees, grief groups, prisoners etc.

Mentor: Vibeke Windeløv

Former CEO at Betty Nansen Teatret and Film Producer

For four decades Vibeke Windeløv has enjoyed an extraordinarily varied career ranging from being one of the most successful, highly respected independent film producers in Scandinavia to founding Refugees United in 2008 and serving on numerous corporate boards, film festival juries and association committees. In September 2014 she was appointed to be the CEO of the Betty Nansen Theatre in Copenhagen and worked there until she resigned in July 2018.

Vibeke Windeløv was in at the start of the new wave of Danish cinema and the birth of the Dogme movement. She produced all of Lars von Trier’s films from 1994 to 2006 including “Breaking the Waves” (“Grand Jury price, Cannes),“Dancer in the Dark” (Golden Palm, Cannes), “Dogville”, “Manderlay”, “The Boss of it All” and the television series “The Kingdom”.

Other celebrated directors with whom she has worked include Susanne Bier, Bille August, Gabriel Axel and Jørgen Leth. She has produced a variety of short films and documentaries by and about artists, including Per Kirkeby, Karin Westerlund and Asger Jorn. She was executive producer on Lukas Moodysson’s “Mammoth” and Marius Holst’s “The King of Devil’s Island”. She was also executive producer for Wallander II (one feature and 6 of the twelve television films). In 2010 Vibeke Windeløv produced “ Lost in Africa “, directed by Vibeke Muasya and in 2011 “Love is all you need” directed by Susanne Bier. 2010-2013 produced the internet mystery, Cloud Chamber, launched Oct.3.2013, international launch on Steam July 2014.

She served on the board of the European Film Academy 1998-2004, on the Jury of the Venice film festival 2001, the Montreal Film Festival 2006, Sundance 2009 and was chairman of the Jury of the International film festival Vladivostok 2008, Ghent 2008 & Sevilla 2008. Member of the Board of the Danish Design Center (2006-2013).

Mentee: Charlotte Calberg

Freelance Scenographer

Charlotte Calberg is a scenographer with more than 25 years of experience spanning more than 90 different projects. With a love for Bauhaus, surrealism and absurdism she seeks to find new approaches to the creative process. Whether it is performances, children’s theater, musicals, exhibitions or collaborating with corporations like RAMBOLL and NETTO there is always something new that can be examined and tested to enhance the performance: Unexpected materials, costumes that becomes objects, objects that becomes costumes – the stringently composed or the bubbly multicolored.

Charlotte holds both an MA in Theatre Performance studies from University of Copenhagen, and a degree in fashion from Studio Berçot in Paris, where she lived for 8 years and worked for a couple of years in Turkey and Egypt, drawing costumes for shows and musicals.

As a playwriter she has directed many performances for children and created several ‘Huskunstnerprojekter’ with support from the Danish Arts Foundation. An upcoming project “Nordic Trash Collaboration”, is supported by The Nordic Culture Fund.

Mentor: Cathie Boyd

Creative Producer and Founder and Artistic Director of Cryptic

Cathie Boyd is an internationally respected director, producer and curator known for her ability to inspire others and her strong leadership of creative endeavour. With over 25 years of experience, she is able to work across art forms, from opera to music, visual arts and film while being able to work at a strategic and practical level, often working in new and unusual ways to achieve goals.

Raised in Belfast, Ireland, Cathie graduated from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, and set up Cryptic in 1994 with the desire to create innovative performances that would ‘ravish the senses’ of international audiences. Her many years of artistic practice include numerous international commissions and collaborations which have been presented in over 25 countries.

Cathie has been instrumental in providing a key platform for artists around the world by creating Glasgow’s Sonica Festival in 2012.  She also has much experience in working with new technologies and was previously awarded a NESTA Fellowship to develop the visual staging of live music –performances include with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, BBS SSO, BCMG, London Sinfonietta and NYO.

Awards include Best Programming for Sonica (Scottish New Music Awards); European Woman of Achievement for the Arts, Outstanding Young Person Award, Junior Chambers of Commerce and an Edinburgh Festival Fringe First. Cathie also serves as President on the Board of IETM (international network for contemporary performing arts).

Mentee: Rasmus Malling Lykke Skov

Artistic Director, Teater Fluks

Rasmus Malling Lykke Skov is a performing arts practitioner, a performer, dramaturge and stage director. Educated as Auteur from the Danish School of Performing Arts, and with an academic background in History of Ideas (BA) and Dramaturgy (MA). He works freelance, and as the artistic co-director of the Danish performance theatre company Teater Fluks, which he co-founded i 2011.

Rasmus makes work for different arenas within the performing arts, primarily focused on the resonance-led, the research-based and the relation-powered in the intersection between performance art, theatre and installation work.

Find a dot that does it / collect dots around it / dozens of dots / investigate / dive in / antidote for dots / expand or explode or eliminate / then connect the remaining dots / with you.

Mentor: Jens Frimann Hansen

Director of Helsingør Teater and Artistic Director of PASSAGE Festival and SO-Festival

Jens Frimann Hansen is the Director of Helsingør Teater and the Artistic Director of PASSAGE Festival (DK) and SO-Festival (UK). He is also in the board of The Copenhagen Theatres and he holds several positions of trusts in both Denmark and Sweden. His key interests are working cross genres and cross borders and he has developed PASSAGE Festival as an international cooperation in border regions between Denmark, Sweden and UK. In future years he will explore the connection and relation between street arts and institutional art work.

Mentee: Gitte Kielberg

Artistic Director, Teatret Kimbri

Gitte Kielberg is the artistic director and actor at Kimbri. She has an education from Aarhus Theater Academy and was part of establishing Kimbris in 1982.

After a period of 6 years as actor at Kimbris, Gitte left for France and started an international life’s theater center with her husband on a plateau in Auvergne.  The main objective was to let the theater be included in a living and cultural exchange with the local population. After 7 years, Gitte came back to Denmark and took over Kimbri and started to produce theater for children which has the same directness and response as the French Highland’s population.

The line in her artistic search is to challenge the theater’s form, but also its content and function, i.e. to let it be a frame around the meeting between people. Due to her work abroad for many years, Gitte has become part of an exciting network from all over Europe.

Mentor: Ulla Katrine Friis

Manager, Hotel Pro Forma

Ulla Katrine Friis has many years of experience in the performance art industry as executive director, producer and manager of communication for several companies and performers. She has worked for Mute Comp. Physical Theatre, Anders Christiansen, Camilla Stage, Lars Dahl Pedersen and is currently manager at Hotel Pro Forma. Over a three-year period, Ulla Katrine worked at The Child and Youth Administration in The Municipality of Copenhagen, where she was manager with responsibility for personnel management, administration, operation, project management and development. Ulla Katrine has a Master of Arts degree in Modern Culture and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Musicology and the history and aesthetics of Dance, University of Copenhagen.

Mentee: Teresa Ariosto

Independent Producer

Teresa Ariosto is a Creative Producer with a strong international experience having worked in Italy, Switzerland and the UK, before moving to Denmark in July 2016. She holds an MA in Arts Criticism and Management from City University – London.
Teresa worked at the Italian Theatre Instute in Rome and at the Blickfelder Festival in Zurich and she subsequently moved to London where she started working as freelance producer.
In 2002 Teresa joined theatre director John Retallack in developing Company of Angels, a theatre company producing new work for young audiences, where she worked for 14 years first as Producer/Dramaturge and from 2011 as Artistic Director. In 2004, Teresa founded Theatre Café, an EU-supported project for exchanging contemporary plays for young people across Europe through a series of festivals of staged readings and playwrights’ development programs.
In Aarhus, Teresa is currently Creative Producer for Dadadans and Blue Cliff, and is co-founder of JuSTart, a new cross-art collective focusing on diversity, inclusion and integration.

Mentor: Eileen Evans

Executive Director, Forced Entertainment

Eileen Evans is Executive Director at Forced Entertainment and overall manages the production and delivery of the company’s work in theatre and performance. The role includes partnership building locally, nationally and internationally and the ongoing development of the company’s strategic vision and financial sustainability. Eileen previously worked at Forced Entertainment as Administrator, as well as managing the education programme. Prior to this she worked freelance for Sheffield City Council and Sheffield Hallam University specialising in marketing and audience research, and began her arts career with marketing manager roles at performance venues in Sheffield and Portsmouth.

Eileen is currently Chair of the Birmingham based Fierce Festival.

Mentee: Gry Worre Hallberg

Artistic Director, Sisters Hope

Gry Worre Hallberg is a performance artist and the artistic director of Sisters Hope (on-going project: Sisters Academy) and the Dome of Visions. She operates in the intersection of performance art, research, education, activism and curation continuously executed in 1:1 co-created experiments such as the above. She is also behind the vision of The Sensuous Society: Beyond economic rationality – Suggesting a sensuous mode of being in the world. Gry has done to TEDx talks on this subject. For many years she has aimed at enriching environments with an aesthetic dimension through interventionist, interactive and immersive performance art strategies. Gry is the co-founder of a range of organizations and movements within the field of performance art applied in a series of different everyday-life contexts. Besides the above also; House of Futures, Fiction Pimps, Club de la Faye, Staging Transitions and The Poetic Revolution. She has completed several projects, articles and publications on intervening and relational performance art and new societies and is currently writing a PhD about her practice at Theatre- and Performance Studies, University of Copenhagen. Recently won the exhibition prize VISION by The Bikuben Foundation.

Ongoing large-scale projects: The Sensuous Society, Sisters Academy and Dome of Visions

Mentor: Sari Lakso

Creative Producer, Kallo Collective

Sari Lakso is an experienced producer working in the performing arts industry. Skilled in contemporary dance, writing, financial management, administration, producing and multitasking. Strong arts and design professional with a Master of Arts (MA) focused in dance from Theatre Academy of Finland in Helsinki.

After 20 years as a dance artist she transitioned herself into administrational sector moving same time into contemporary circus scene. Now after 8 years of experience, she works with two different free sector companies and studies at the same time. During the past years she has taken care of international touring and relations, production management, financial management, pr and marketing. Has been working in over 20 countries.

2011-2012 she worked at CircusInfo Finland as managing director and right after that with contemporary circus company Race Horse Company 2013-2015 as full-time producer. Now she works with Kallo Collective (2016-) and also since last September with Alpo Aaltokoski Company.

She has had several positions of trust in over 60 different artist organizations and in the boards of cultural associations since 1994. As a freelance dancer she worked in over 70 productions and she has written over 60 articles; reviews and cultural policy articles with different topics. 2009-2016 she had an editorial post at Finnish Dance and Circus Artists’ magazine. She has been the chairman of Finnish Dance Artists (2004-2008) and National Finnish Dance Council (2010-2012). 2007-2009 she worked as general secretary of Helsinki International Ballet Competition. As an expert she has experience in Teater og Dans I Norden (2000-2006), Nordic Cultural Foundation (2010-2012) and Arts Council of Finland (2007-2012).

Mentee: My Grönholdt

Artistic Director, MYKA

My Grönholdt is working as a freelance and self producing choreographer, dancer and performer. My is born in Sweden and based in Copenhagen, Denmark, educated from The Danish National School of Performing Arts and did her internship with Sasha Waltz in Berlin.

My Grönholdt is artistic director of the dance company MYKA that produces innovative stage art for young audiences and Co-artistic Director, curator and festival organiser of Nordlys Collective that produces performances and festivals that works with young emerging choreographers often performed site specifik, both based in Denmark, the Nordic countries and also in Manila, Philipines in collaborations with P-noise Festival.

My’s work have been presented and selected for festivals and venues such as Dansehallerne, BORA BORA, Dansstationen Malmö, Skånes Dansteater, Zangenbergs Teater, Teater ZeBu, Shanghai Children’s Art Theatre, Dansekapellet, Dunkers Kulturhus, Kulturværftet, CPH Stage, Horsens Teaterfestival, SALTO!,  HAUT young choreographers, Teaterøen, Ravnedans, Thousand Threads and more, and supported by The Danish Art’s Council, Nordic Culture fond, Københavns Kommunes Scenekunstudvalg, BUPL.

Mentor: Per Scheel 

Artistic Director, Teater Grob

Per Scheel is artistic Director at Theatre GROB  /making new writing and plays

Stage Director, Actor.

Co-founder of CPH Stage Festival

Initiator and Chairman of youth stage GROW at Theatre GROB

GROW is Theatre GROB’s youth stage, addressed to young theatre and performance enthusiasts aged 18-30y

Jury member at admission audition to National School of Acting at Århus Theatre 2015

Jury member at VILSKUD Festival at Huset Theatre, Copenhagen.

VILDSKUD is a youth theatre festival, arranged by Huset-KBH

Awarded as best stage director for play Hjem Kære Hjem  (ENG: Home Sweet Home) by Danish Art Foundation (Statens Kunstfond) in 2008.

Nominated for Best perfomance Reumert Award for Home Sweet Home in 2007.

Nominated or winning for Best perfomance/shows etc. Reumert Awards, as co productions at Grob.

“Hår På den”, etc. see.

The Reumert of the Year is a national, annual award and is considered the most prestigious theatre award in Denmark.

Member of Danish Stage Directors’ Association (FDS) and Danish Actors’ Association (DSF)

Stage Direction

Latest : Frihed.Sex.Længsel. & I Støvet Fra Regnen, Theatre Grob.

Freelance lecturer, Mentor, Acting teacher, Coaching, Formerly forum theatre actor for The City of Copenhagen.

Based in Copenhagen, DK

Mentee: Mette Rønne

Artistic Director, KULTURMARKT

Mette Rønne founded the theatre Kulturmarkt in 2013 with the aim to contribute and enrich where possible. For the past years she has toured with her solo performance ‘The Comical Tragedy’ and been occupied with investigating how much it is possible to build inside the spectators mind, only using invisible objects/mime.

Mette studied acting at the Russian Theatre School TeaterStudio, – later GITIS, the Scandinavian department of The Russian State School. After graduating she thought acting technique at GITIS and later on at the international school for theatre, Music, dance and new-circus, Performers House. Alongside running Kulturmarkt, Mette works at Teatret Svalegangen as the captain of the ’Off The Record’ stage.

Mentor: Mette Bryndum

Managing Director, Sort/Hvid

Mette Bryndum works as managing director and executive producer at Sort/Hvid in Copenhagen.

Previously Mette worked as a strategy consultant and project manager with DFDS A/S and A.P. Moller-Maersk respectively. In 2014 Mette started HAUT_scene together with a small group of cultural entrepreneurs and shortly hereafter she left the private industry to work as a producer at the Royal Danish Opera, specializing in big scale productions and international project management.

She holds a MSc in international Business from Copenhagen Business School and has studied performing arts and international business in New Zealand during her bachelor. Mette also sit on the board of Den Jyske Opera.

Mentee: David Price

Creative Producer, Holstrebro Teater

David Price is today the creative producer, tour and rehearsal director of Black Box Dance Company, a regional theatre and contemporary dance company based in Holstebro, Denmark.

David debuted as a professional dancer at the age of 15 and later graduated from The Danish National School of Performing Arts in 2011. As a freelance artist, company dancer and teacher David has worked with a wide range of choreographers, directors and performance artists. For his work as a dancer, David has among other been awarded the Reumert Talent Prize in 2014 and Balletmaster Albert Gaubier’s award in 2017.

Combining his experience as a dance artist with a personal practice that his characterized by curiosity, drive, passion and a desire to achieve goals in a collaborative manner, David has of 2015 worked off stage in various positions such as creative producer, rehearsal director and assistant, tour- and production manager. He is currently a part-time student at Copenhagen Business School.