International fundraising

By Kamma Siegumfeldt

If you have come up with an idea for an interesting international project, there are many ways to go when looking for funding. But before you do be really clear about the idea and its partners. Big collaborative projects can take years to develop, and the budgets can be complicated.

Be particular when you apply for funding and make sure that all requirements are met in a proper and elaborated way.

You can check your own country’s national support schemes as well as private foundations. The people you will be collaborating with from the other country(ies) can do the same. The Danish Arts Council has support schemes for the international work.

If you want to do a project with several Nordic and Baltic partners you can check the funding programmes of the Nordic Culture Point, perhaps start by applying for a mobility grant that can enable you to visit possible future project partners.

The Nordic Culture Fund also has several schemes and also a special seed funding scheme called Opstart, where you can quickly get a small sum of money to investigate and create network.

Depending on the involved countries bilateral funding schemes may exist.

The Embassies or Consulates of the involved countries are also worth contacting, perhaps they can support you or direct you to funding possibilities.

The Creative Europe Programme of the European Union is worth checking if you go for bigger projects with several partners in several countries and want to work extensively for a year or more.

It is also interesting to investigate the transnational funding – often visionary funds that cross borders in new ways and initiate collaborations into for instance The Middle East.

One of these are The Prince Claus Fund, which has created opportunities for connections and exchanges and stimulated cultural expression, primarily in Latin America, Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and Eastern Europe.

Another cross border fund is the Roberto Cimetta Fund, which is an international non-profit making organisation created in 1999 to respond rapidly and directly to individual artists and cultural managers wishing to travel in order to develop contemporary artistic cooperation projects in the Euro-Arab geographical zone and beyond.

We can highly recommend IETMs FUND-FINDER to get a broad perspective on different funding options. It also gets around crowd funding options.


International Coproduction Manual by IETM & KAMS
– contains introduction, lots of cases and resources for contracts and financing models