Post production

By Sofie Haag

Working internationally is a big undertaking which involves many aspects, at all levels, from the ground up. A lot of preparatory work has has to go into the preparation, the strategy and execution, to set yourself up for success and avoid any pitfalls on the way. Nevertheless, the end is as important as the beginning, and to ensure a strong finish there are a few key things to consider.

Evaluate how your international engagement managed to meet the goals you set out to achieve at the beginning. As you may recall, the goals could be artistic, financial, PR-related, educational or developmental to their nature. Did you want to test out new material on stage, break into a new market, increase your visibility or use this event as a stepping stone for something bigger? Perhaps your objective was to start working with a new sponsor, perform in a particular venue or increase your following online? Now is your chance to see if you met – or even exceeded – your expectations. This is also a good opportunity to address the things that did not go according to plan and respond to negative feedback, if that is the case. Remember, negative feedback may be difficult to accept at first, but is crucial to develop and fine-tune your approaches for the next event.

For the evaluation process to be effective, it may be preferably to do one evaluation internally with those directly involved in the project execution, and one where you invite external partners and other key people you have worked with receive their feedback.

This is also a good opportunity to acknowledge everyone who has been part of the journey and supported you and the project along the way. Remember to thank everyone and give credit to where credit is due. Everyone involved, no matter how small their parts may seem, has contributed to the delivery. Save press cuttings, balance you budget, pay outstanding debts and collect the remainder of box office and other income streams. Also update your website, social media and sales material so they are up to date and ready for the next production.


Workbook – Post production by Sofie Haag