Går du med overvejelser om at arbejde internationalt? Så start her. Få overblik over internationale platforme og bliv guidet til at udvikle din internationale strategi eller dit brand, så du brænder igennem.


UPgrade ressourcer til download:

Workbook –  On developing an international strategy by Susanne Danig

Workbook – Get clarity on your brand by Sofie Haag

Workbook – Prepare your sales material by Sofie Haag

Workbook – Map your international networks and contacts by Susanne Danig

Workbook – PR & Communication strategy by Sofie Haag

Workbook – On the day of the performance by Sofie Haag

Workbook – Post production by Sofie Haag




Tips on networking by Asa Richardsdottir

International Coproduction Manual by IETM & KAMS
– contains introduction, lots of cases and resources for contracts and financing models

It starts with a conversation  byLene Bang & Ása Richardsdòttir
– a workshop format that contains lots of advice and exercises to help the conversation get going

Guide to Edinburgh Festival Fringe –  af WILDTOPIA

Info om Edinburgh, Cinars & Pams – af WILDTOPIA


På turné i Kina

Eric Messerschmidt, direktør for Dansk Kulturcenter i Beijing, fortæller her, hvad du skal gøre – og IKKE skal gøre,...

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Case – Teater Freeze Productions

Video in DANISH In this video Hanne Trap Friis talks about a very successful collaboration that her company did...

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From the sector – fairs

The creative producers Karen Toftegaard and Gitte Nielsen went to Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2017. This report is made...

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Post production

By Sofie Haag Working internationally is a big undertaking which involves many aspects, at all levels, from the ground...

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On the day of the performance

By Sofie Haag In this chapter we will talk about what to cover during the actual day of your...

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Your PR and communication strategy

By Sofie Haag Congratulations – you now have a confirmed engagement internationally! It could be your own production where...

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Technical planning

By Malco Oliveros The first principle to be aware of, as a touring company, is obviously that the technical...

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Tour planning

By Malco Oliveros AGREEMENTS WITH THE EMPLOYEES Nowadays most companies work with freelance employees (performers, musicians, technicians etc.). In...

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EU supported activities

By Kamma Siegumfeldt The Creative Europe Programme offers many possibilities for organisations that want to do a cross-border project....

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International fundraising

By Kamma Siegumfeldt If you have come up with an idea for an interesting international project, there are many...

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Economy and agreements

By Malco Oliveros ECONOMY Can I afford to perform internationally? The first thing to check if you have been...

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From the sector – communication with the venue

Lars Vind Andersen from Danish Dance Theatre speaks about what is required to make international touring happen. www.danskdanseteater.dk

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Case – Asterions Hus

Tilde Knudsen from Asterions Hus tells about the companys international work and her experiences with being involved in an...

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Case – Odin Teatret

Video in Danish Per Kap Bech Jensen speaks about how Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium Odin Teatret is based on international exchanges...

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Guide to Danish platforms with international perspective

By Susanne Danig It is a good idea to start your preparations for your international work by attending some...

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Co-productions and collaborations

By Susanne Danig This section will take you into the area of co-producing in an international realm. It is...

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Guide to international platforms

By Susanne Danig This section is about gathering knowledge about the platforms for performing arts that exist out there:...

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Case – two-women-machine-show

Marie-Louise Stentebjerg from two-women-machine-show speaks about international collaboration as a cherished necessity. www.twowomenmachineshow.com

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Prepare your sales material

By Sofie Haag INTRODUCTION In this section we will cover what kind of sales material you need to promote...

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Map your networks and contacts

By Susanne Danig This section is about how to map relevant networks and contacts, and how to investigate festivals...

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Case – Teater Refleksion

Video in DANISH: Lisbeth El Jørgensen from Teater Refleksion speaks about co-producing and other international activities. refleksion.dk

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From the sector – Tanzmesse

Video in DANISH: Jens Christian Jensen from The Project Centre at Dansehallerne speaks about the dance fair Tanzmesse in...

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Get clarity on your brand

By Sofie Haag Have you ever wondered why it is that some artists and arts organisations have hundreds of...

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From the sector – residencies

Christine Fentz from Secret Hotel speaks about the value of residency stays. www.secrethotel.dk 

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Case – Limfjordsteatret

Video in DANISH: In this video Gitta Malling, artistic director of Limfjordsteatret speaks about the international activities of her...

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Intro to working internationally

By Susanne Danig In some way all performing artists probably have an international perspective on their work. Creative artists...

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